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Don’t just tell your clients you mean business — show them! With 8x8 Virtual Meeting, you can meet with customers, conduct training classes or deliver sales presentations from your computer. Any computer. Any popular browser. Any location. The most affordable, simplified online conferencing service is now available with 8x8 Virtual Meeting.

Get Everyone on the Same Page – from Anywhere!

  • Unlimited Meetings—With Virtual Meeting, you can have an unlimited number of meetings a month for an unlimited duration.
  • 15 participants per meeting—Up to 15 participants per meeting, with the option to add more participants at a minimal cost on an as needed basis. Only pay for what you need, when you need it.
  • No plug-ins required—All you need is a web browser. No plug-ins, downloads or hardware required.
  • Seamless integration with 8x8 Virtual Office and Virtual Office Pro—Virtual Meeting is available in the 8x8 Virtual Office Online portal with automated corporate directory integration. Sharing has never been easier—share your desktop, a portion of your desktop, or an application – you choose. Plus, you can pass desktop sharing to other participants.
  • Features to get excited about—Record meetings and download them FREE. Enjoy integrated VoIP and chat. Invite new participants while a meeting is in progress. Select flexible call-in numbers from around the world…and more! See all included features.

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