1. I am unable to download the 8x8 Virtual Office application. How do I join a meeting?
    • You can join your meeting online without downloading the 8x8 Virtual Office application. Click here to join online. Please note that while you can view shared content and chat with meeting participants, you cannot share your screen, join any video conferencing, or manage your audio devices from within the meeting.
  2. Why should I install the 8x8 Virtual Office application?
    • The 8x8 Virtual Office application provides a richer meeting experience, including the ability to share your screen and join HD video conferences. Enjoy these benefits with just a one-time installation of the application.
  3. My organization prohibits downloading of third-party applications. What can I do to join a meeting?
    • You can join the meeting online without downloading the application. Click here to join. 8x8 Virtual Office meets multiple security and compliance standards, including encryption that secures all communications and file transfers and cannot be intercepted. Click here to learn more about the security and compliance matter and consider asking your IT department to whitelist the 8x8 Virtual Office application.
  4. What operating systems are supported by 8x8 Virtual Office?
    • Mac OS X 10.9 or later and Windows 7 or later.
  5. I installed 8x8 Virtual Office to join a meeting, but I do not see the 8x8 Virtual Office icon on my desktop. How do I join my meeting?
    • Search for "8x8 Virtual Office" or look for it in your Applications list or folder. Once you find it, launch the application. At the prompt, enter your full name and the Meeting ID. Then, click Join As Guest.
    • Note: If you followed the link in the email invitation, you do not need to enter the meeting ID.
  6. I am a Virtual Office extension user, but I do not have the 8x8 Virtual Office application. How do I join a meeting?
    • Click the link in your meeting invitation email to launch the landing page. Click the Download Virtual Office link to download the 8x8 Virtual Office application. The application downloads automatically, and the 8x8 Virtual Office application opens. You can now join the meeting as a guest or log in as an 8x8 user.
    • Guest: Enter your full name and meeting ID, and click Join As Guest.
    • 8x8 Virtual Office user: Click Login at the bottom of the application window. Enter your 8x8 username and password and click Login. You are now signed in to the Virtual Office Desktop application. Go to the Meetings tab, and click Start Meeting or Join Meeting next to the meeting you want to join, located underneath the calendar. The meeting launches from the application.
    • You can also join the meeting online or dial into the meeting for audio-only participation.
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